Anuv • Attack

Aneu Nynetjer

Pilot of the 'Anuv' One of the heirs to the Egyptian throne. Leader of the Valkyria 2nd Platoon.

Hornet-GK • Attack


Idol from the depths of shadows, they never forget to practice their songs and dance moves even during battle. (Chiha-tan Collaboration)

Red Lion • Attack

Ariel Rossi

Red Lion Pilot that destroys enemy with counter and ATK increase skills.



(BALDR Collaboration) Goes by the codename BACHELOR. an ingenious hacker famous in the online network

Baselard • Attack


Frame Arms Girl modeled after Baselard, a Strategical Frame Arms, has a wide strategical use in offensive power and support abilities that suits its name.

Crimson Taurus • Defense

Bennett Ross

Pilot of Crimson Taurus, a heavy defense unit known for it's gigantic size.

Cronos • Defense

Betty Abigail

Pilot of the 'Cronos' a unit that uses double rifles.

Reginleif • Defense

Bibi Olin

Pilot of the unit 'Reginleif' from R.E.A.P's Special Forces 'Valkyria'

Brissa • Defense



Canaria • Attack


An article created by extracting the arguments of birds trapped in a cage from ancient times.

Shinobi • Attack

Carolina Morrie

Pilot of the Shinobi, Daughter from the Morrie Family, became an assassin cadet against her parent's wishes.

Hawk Eye • Attack

Cecile Renier

Hawk Eye Pilot that uses various arrow shooting skills with two crossbows.

Raphael V2 • Support

Charlotte Binoche

Pilot of Raphael-V2, A compex assembly of 3 individual units.

Schwarzer Reiter • Defense

Chiaki Rijn

Member of the 《Re.Society》 'Four Horsemen' and pilot of the Schwarzer Reiter, a unit also known as the 'Black Rider'

Chiha GK-Model • Support


Soft hearted girl, nicknamed 「Chiha-tan」. Supports her allies with the power to heal. (Chiha-tan Collabroation)

Widow Spider • Defense

Chloe Spinel

Pilot of the Widow Spider, a spider shaped unit.

Chun Hyang • Support

Chun Hyang

Articles made using the elements of Chun Hyang as a motif. It is not interested in combat, and aims to be a true idol loved by all.

Avenger • Attack

Claire Frost

A pilot that controls Avenger which is optimized for destroying the enemy defense.

Delphine • Attack


A special librarian of Qurare who is the only librarian of military background with outstanding combat abilities.

Neo-Nyang Machine MK-11 • Attack

Dr. Moreau

The leader of Moreau Corps who considers himself the informal head of the magical library and dreams of conquering the world.

EL • Attack


Android girl, built by Aliens. Has enormous power despite her fragile appearance.

GGR • Defense

Elin Miller

GGR Pilot that uses stun and invincible skill to withstand enemy attacks.

Atlas • Attack

Emily Windsor

Atlas Pilot who thrashes laser shots and devastates the enemies.

Rusty Doll • Support

Emma Simson

Fully Experienced Pilot that supports ally comrades.

Justice GK-2 • Attack


Pilot of Justice GK-2 that enhances all ally units with ATK increase buff skill.

Vegabon • Attack

Enomoto Tsubasa

Vegabon Pilot that uses a sword to slash all the enemies to their destruction.

Asclepius • Support

Felicity White

Trouble maker Pilot of the Asclepius, an Ace Unit from the Medical Battalion.

Gourai • Defense


Frame Arms Girl modeled after Gourai, a Heavy Armor Tank Frame Arms, has extremely heavy armor and high shellfire capability

FCV Arm Suit • Defense

Hanazawa Lena

Arm Suit Pilot that increases its basic DEF when fighting against enemy.

Techno Gimmick • Attack

Hanna Fischer

Techno Gimmick Pilot that can destroy enemies with various powerful weapons.

Odd Eye • Attack

Ilayda Mahn

An Odd Eye Pilot, transmits intel to friendly units. Engages enemy from far behind.

Golden Bell • Defense

Irene Bell

Golden Bell Pilot that can destroy all enemies with powerful area attack.

Blasse Reiter • Attack


Member of the 《Re.Society》 'Four Horsemen' and pilot of the Blasse Reiter, a unit also known as the 'Pale Rider'

Gajagacha • Support


She is the Gacha-Gacha pilot in charge of Leaf's supplies.

Mammoth • Defense


Mammoth Pilot that can withstand enemy attack with strong durability.

Rocket Raccoon • Attack

Jenny Rief

Fast Rocket Raccoon Pilot that uses counter and evade skill.

Overhaul • Support

Jiang Lun mei

Overall Pilot specialized in supporting ally units with ally HP recovery and other support skills.

Justice • Attack

Jung E-young

Justice Pilot that makes ally soldiers reckless with the skill that increases the overall attack.

Banshee • Attack

Karen Vergara

Banshee Pilot that has excellent evade ability and powerful area attack skill.

Destroyer • Attack

Kate Scott

Pilot of the Destroyer, a unit which uses strong plasma cannons.

Shark Nose • Attack

Kellan Brown

Pilot of the powerful siege warfare mechanical unit, Shark Nose.


Kirishima Rain

(BALDR Collaboration) A professional soldier known to be sincere and tricky to get close by, but is actually quite a naive pilot.

Psycho Machine • Attack


Pilot of a Psycho Machine which controls two spheres with Psychic energy.

Blue Bird • Attack

Lily Fischer

Blue Bird's Pilot, R.E.A.P's transformable flying unit

Gondul • Support

Linda Hudson

Pilot of the unit 'Gondul' from R.E.A.P's Special Forces 'Valkyria'

Martuk • Attack

Lisa Silverstone

Pilot of the unit 'Martuk' which uses energy-overclocked drones.

Hail Bringer • Support

Liu Len

Pilot of special mechanical unit Hail Bringer that can simultaneously shoot down enemies while providing support to ally units.

Mist • Attack

Liu Xiao Yi

Pilot of the unit 'Mist' from R.E.A.P's Special Forces 'Valkyria'

Padrino • Attack

Lucy Corleoni

A half sister of Iris, who is one of the four members of Re.Society

Juggernaut • Defense

Lunar Hansen

Juggernaut Pilot that protects ally by using powerful provocation skill.



(BALDR Collaboration) Naive and pure, hates people with twisted purposes. Has a shockingly strange sense of cooking.

Goliath • Defense

Maria Regaskos

Goliath pilot with strong DEF. She charges into enemy line and destroys enemy units.

Fortress • Defense

Marina Garcia

Fortress pilot that possesses powerful area attack skill and ally protection skill.

Twilight Devil • Attack

Mary Page

Pilot of Twilight Devil, a battle suit specialized in attacking enemy with two types of special marbles.

Miss Driller • Attack


Miss Driller Pilot that destroys enemy unit one by one with various attack skills.

Black Shadow • Attack

Min You-hyun

Black Shadow Pilot that is like an avatar of death. It ambushes the enemy in the rear first.

Black Sniper • Attack

Min You-young

Black Sniper Pilot that aims and destroys the enemy with lowest HP.

KV-1GK • Defense


Shield to defend enemy attack at the very frontline. Also known as a 'Monster' to foes for its toughness. (Chiha-tan Collaboration)

Miu • Support


A full-time librarian of Qurare who is the leader of the three with optimistic character

Buster Bear • Attack

Miya Ivanovna

The Pilot of Buster Bear, an attack-type battle suit that launches heavy attack on a single enemy


Mizusaka Ren

(BALDR Collaboration) A mysterious girl behind behind veils. Currently is in search for the finest network weapon LEVIATHAN

Killer Rabbit • Attack

Monica Loren

Pilot of the 'Killer Rabbit', a Guerrilla Strategic Unit built by Piton Industry

Thrud • Attack

Natalie Myskina

Pilot of the unit 'Thrud' from R.E.A.P's Special Forces 'Valkyria'

Thanatos • Attack

Nella Badreya

Tanatos Pilot that uses stun and ATK decrease skill to neutralize enemy.

Horas • Support

Neperti Nynetjer

Pilot of the 'Horas' One of the heirs to the Egyptian throne. the younger twin sister of Aneu Nynetjer

Seeker • Support

Nicole Martin

Seeker Pilot that can increase ally units' accuracy and evade abilities.

Demon Face • Attack

Nina Kruger

Demon Face Pilot that uses ATK increase skill to make itself even more powerful.

Mirage Cloaker • Defense


Pilot of Mirage Cloaker, which is highly specialized in defense.

Randgrid • Attack

Petra Strycova

Pilot of the unit 'Randgrid' from R.E.A.P's Special Forces 'Valkyria'

Vulcanus • Attack

Philia Xenakis

The pilot of Vulcanus who can ignite herself after undergoing an Obedience experiment

Spider-Q • Attack


Spider Q's Pilot that makes itself even more powerful with DEF and EVADE increase skills.

Metal Knight • Defense

Rachel Stewart

Pilot of Metal Knight that charges into enemy front line with its powerful shield guarding the way.

Leviathan • Attack


Leviathan's Pilot that uses special energy from Bio-Parts

Roter Reiter • Attack

Renee Arc

Member of the 《Re.Society》 'Four Horsemen' and pilot of the Roter Reiter, a unit also known as the 'Red Rider'

Wild Rose • Support

Rose Ludlum

Wild Rose Pilot who heals ally units' HP.

Red Lotus • Attack

Ryu Bingbing

Pilot of the 'Red Lotus' a unit that uses a sword to destroy its enemy

Gigantes • Defense

Sarah Anderson

Gigantes Pilot that makes itself even more powerful with DEF and HP advantages.

Sella • Defense


An apprentice librarian of Qurare whose origin is noble and highly anticipated by many people.

Weiss Reiter • Support

Serena Cooper

Member of the 《Re.Society》 'Four Knightage' and pilot of the Weiss Reiter, a unit also known as the 'White Rider'

Legion • Defense

Shin Eugene

Legion Pilot that is specialized with defense and survival skills

Justice, Type-Assault • Defense

Sia Purple

Pilot of Justice, Type-Assault, which has been remodeled after Justice

Blood Type • Attack

Sofia Dimitov

Blood type Pilot that makes itself invincible by using HP recovery and vampiric skills.

Neo-Nyang Machine MK-12 • Support


A scout from the forgotten dimension who helps Dr. Moreau in hopes of travelling space once again.

Stylet • Attack


Frame Arms Gril modeled after Stylet, a Combat Plane Frame Arms, uses high speed and strong attack abilities to dominate on the battlefield.

Bailarina • Attack


The Pilot of a Bailarina, an attack-type battle unit with dual blades

PYRO • Attack

Tanya Brown

Pyro Pilot that inflicts continuous damage and burns the enemy to its destruction with increased ATK skill.

Cherny strelka • Attack

Tatiana Kozhedub

Pilot of PMC Black Mirror gunship, known to be a genius pilot and mechanic compared to none.

Neo-Nyang Machine MK-13 • Defense

The Phantom of the Opera

A girl suffering from anthropophobia who helps Dr. Moreau so that we can make many friends.

Blaze • Attack

Velen Pataky

Blaze's Pilot, equipped with 4 weaponized drones.

Watcher • Attack


Pilot of Watcher unit created specifically to break through the enemy's powerful defense line.

Ice Bear • Defense

Yuliya Lim

Pilot known as 'Ice Shield' among foes, Ice Bear.

Atlas MK-2 • Attack

[EVIL] Emily

Pilot of Atlas MK-2 which fires laser to destroy enemies

Rocket Raccoon MK-2 • Attack

[EVIL] Jenny

Pilot of Rocket Racoon MK-2 that quickly makes moves to destroy enemies.

Q Wing • Attack


Pilot of Q Wing that sweeps through battlefield.

Wild Rose MK-2 • Support

[EVIL] Rose

Pilot of Wild Rose MK-2 which cures and protects allies

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