Anuv • Attack

Aneu Nynetjer

Pilot of the 'Anuv' One of the heirs to the Egyptian throne. Leader of the Valkyria 2nd Platoon.

Hornet-GK • Attack


Idol from the depths of shadows, they never forget to practice their songs and dance moves even during battle. (Chiha-tan Collaboration)

Red Lion • Attack

Ariel Rossi

Red Lion Pilot that destroys enemy with counter and ATK increase skills.

Baselard • Attack


Frame Arms Girl modeled after Baselard, a Strategical Frame Arms, has a wide strategical use in offensive power and support abilities that suits its name.

Crimson Taurus • Defense

Bennett Ross

Pilot of Crimson Taurus, a heavy defense unit known for it's gigantic size.

Cronos • Defense

Betty Abigail

Pilot of the 'Cronos' a unit that uses double rifles.

Reginleif • Defense

Bibi Olin

Pilot of the unit 'Reginleif' from R.E.A.P's Special Forces 'Valkyria'

Brissa • Defense



Canaria • Attack


An article created by extracting the arguments of birds trapped in a cage from ancient times.

Shinobi • Attack

Carolina Morrie

Pilot of the Shinobi, Daughter from the Morrie Family, became an assassin cadet against her parent's wishes.

Hawk Eye • Attack

Cecile Renier

Hawk Eye Pilot that uses various arrow shooting skills with two crossbows.

Raphael V2 • Support

Charlotte Binoche

Pilot of Raphael-V2, A compex assembly of 3 individual units.

Schwarzer Reiter • Defense

Chiaki Rijn

Member of the 《Re.Society》 'Four Horsemen' and pilot of the Schwarzer Reiter, a unit also known as the 'Black Rider'

Chiha GK-Model • Support


Soft hearted girl, nicknamed 「Chiha-tan」. Supports her allies with the power to heal. (Chiha-tan Collabroation)

Widow Spider • Defense

Chloe Spinel

Pilot of the Widow Spider, a spider shaped unit.

Chun Hyang • Support

Chun Hyang

Articles made using the elements of Chun Hyang as a motif. It is not interested in combat, and aims to be a true idol loved by all.

Avenger • Attack

Claire Frost

A pilot that controls Avenger which is optimized for destroying the enemy defense.

Delphine • Attack


A special librarian of Qurare who is the only librarian of military background with outstanding combat abilities.

Neo-Nyang Machine MK-11 • Attack

Dr. Moreau

The leader of Moreau Corps who considers himself the informal head of the magical library and dreams of conquering the world.

EL • Attack


Android girl, built by Aliens. Has enormous power despite her fragile appearance.

GGR • Defense

Elin Miller

GGR Pilot that uses stun and invincible skill to withstand enemy attacks.

Atlas • Attack

Emily Windsor

Atlas Pilot who thrashes laser shots and devastates the enemies.

Rusty Doll • Support

Emma Simson

Fully Experienced Pilot that supports ally comrades.

Justice GK-2 • Attack


Pilot of Justice GK-2 that enhances all ally units with ATK increase buff skill.

Vegabon • Attack

Enomoto Tsubasa

Vegabon Pilot that uses a sword to slash all the enemies to their destruction.

Asclepius • Support

Felicity White

Trouble maker Pilot of the Asclepius, an Ace Unit from the Medical Battalion.

Gourai • Defense


Frame Arms Girl modeled after Gourai, a Heavy Armor Tank Frame Arms, has extremely heavy armor and high shellfire capability

FCV Arm Suit • Defense

Hanazawa Lena

Arm Suit Pilot that increases its basic DEF when fighting against enemy.

Techno Gimmick • Attack

Hanna Fischer

Techno Gimmick Pilot that can destroy enemies with various powerful weapons.

Odd Eye • Attack

Ilayda Mahn

An Odd Eye Pilot, transmits intel to friendly units. Engages enemy from far behind.

Golden Bell • Defense

Irene Bell

Golden Bell Pilot that can destroy all enemies with powerful area attack.

Blasse Reiter • Attack


Member of the 《Re.Society》 'Four Horsemen' and pilot of the Blasse Reiter, a unit also known as the 'Pale Rider'

Gajagacha • Support


She is the Gacha-Gacha pilot in charge of Leaf's supplies.

Mammoth • Defense


Mammoth Pilot that can withstand enemy attack with strong durability.

Rocket Raccoon • Attack

Jenny Rief

Fast Rocket Raccoon Pilot that uses counter and evade skill.

Overhaul • Support

Jiang Lun mei

Overall Pilot specialized in supporting ally units with ally HP recovery and other support skills.

Justice • Attack

Jung E-young

Justice Pilot that makes ally soldiers reckless with the skill that increases the overall attack.

Banshee • Attack

Karen Vergara

Banshee Pilot that has excellent evade ability and powerful area attack skill.

Destroyer • Attack

Kate Scott

Pilot of the Destroyer, a unit which uses strong plasma cannons.

Shark Nose • Attack

Kellan Brown

Pilot of the powerful siege warfare mechanical unit, Shark Nose.

Psycho Machine • Attack


Pilot of a Psycho Machine which controls two spheres with Psychic energy.

Blue Bird • Attack

Lily Fischer

Blue Bird's Pilot, R.E.A.P's transformable flying unit

Gondul • Support

Linda Hudson

Pilot of the unit 'Gondul' from R.E.A.P's Special Forces 'Valkyria'

Martuk • Attack

Lisa Silverstone

Pilot of the unit 'Martuk' which uses energy-overclocked drones.

Hail Bringer • Support

Liu Len

Pilot of special mechanical unit Hail Bringer that can simultaneously shoot down enemies while providing support to ally units.

Mist • Attack

Liu Xiao Yi

Pilot of the unit 'Mist' from R.E.A.P's Special Forces 'Valkyria'

Padrino • Attack

Lucy Corleoni

A half sister of Iris, who is one of the four members of Re.Society

Juggernaut • Defense

Lunar Hansen

Juggernaut Pilot that protects ally by using powerful provocation skill.

Goliath • Defense

Maria Regaskos

Goliath pilot with strong DEF. She charges into enemy line and destroys enemy units.

Fortress • Defense

Marina Garcia

Fortress pilot that possesses powerful area attack skill and ally protection skill.

Twilight Devil • Attack

Mary Page

Pilot of Twilight Devil, a battle suit specialized in attacking enemy with two types of special marbles.

Miss Driller • Attack


Miss Driller Pilot that destroys enemy unit one by one with various attack skills.

Black Shadow • Attack

Min You-hyun

Black Shadow Pilot that is like an avatar of death. It ambushes the enemy in the rear first.

Black Sniper • Attack

Min You-young

Black Sniper Pilot that aims and destroys the enemy with lowest HP.

Miu • Support


A full-time librarian of Qurare who is the leader of the three with optimistic character

Buster Bear • Attack

Miya Ivanovna

The Pilot of Buster Bear, an attack-type battle suit that launches heavy attack on a single enemy

Killer Rabbit • Attack

Monica Loren

Pilot of the 'Killer Rabbit', a Guerrilla Strategic Unit built by Piton Industry

Thrud • Attack

Natalie Myskina

Pilot of the unit 'Thrud' from R.E.A.P's Special Forces 'Valkyria'

Thanatos • Attack

Nella Badreya

Tanatos Pilot that uses stun and ATK decrease skill to neutralize enemy.

Horas • Support

Neperti Nynetjer

Pilot of the 'Horas' One of the heirs to the Egyptian throne. the younger twin sister of Aneu Nynetjer

Seeker • Support

Nicole Martin

Seeker Pilot that can increase ally units' accuracy and evade abilities.

Demon Face • Attack

Nina Kruger

Demon Face Pilot that uses ATK increase skill to make itself even more powerful.

Mirage Cloaker • Defense


Pilot of Mirage Cloaker, which is highly specialized in defense.

Randgrid • Attack

Petra Strycova

Pilot of the unit 'Randgrid' from R.E.A.P's Special Forces 'Valkyria'

Vulcanus • Attack

Philia Xenakis

The pilot of Vulcanus who can ignite herself after undergoing an Obedience experiment

Spider-Q • Attack


Spider Q's Pilot that makes itself even more powerful with DEF and EVADE increase skills.

Metal Knight • Defense

Rachel Stewart

Pilot of Metal Knight that charges into enemy front line with its powerful shield guarding the way.

Leviathan • Attack


Leviathan's Pilot that uses special energy from Bio-Parts

Roter Reiter • Attack

Renee Arc

Member of the 《Re.Society》 'Four Horsemen' and pilot of the Roter Reiter, a unit also known as the 'Red Rider'

Wild Rose • Support

Rose Ludlum

Wild Rose Pilot who heals ally units' HP.

Red Lotus • Attack

Ryu Bingbing

Pilot of the 'Red Lotus' a unit that uses a sword to destroy its enemy

Gigantes • Defense

Sarah Anderson

Gigantes Pilot that makes itself even more powerful with DEF and HP advantages.

Sella • Defense


An apprentice librarian of Qurare whose origin is noble and highly anticipated by many people.

Weiss Reiter • Support

Serena Cooper

Member of the 《Re.Society》 'Four Knightage' and pilot of the Weiss Reiter, a unit also known as the 'White Rider'

Legion • Defense

Shin Eugene

Legion Pilot that is specialized with defense and survival skills

Justice, Type-Assault • Defense

Sia Purple

Pilot of Justice, Type-Assault, which has been remodeled after Justice

Blood Type • Attack

Sofia Dimitov

Blood type Pilot that makes itself invincible by using HP recovery and vampiric skills.

Neo-Nyang Machine MK-12 • Support


A scout from the forgotten dimension who helps Dr. Moreau in hopes of travelling space once again.

Stylet • Attack


Frame Arms Gril modeled after Stylet, a Combat Plane Frame Arms, uses high speed and strong attack abilities to dominate on the battlefield.

Bailarina • Attack


The Pilot of a Bailarina, an attack-type battle unit with dual blades

PYRO • Attack

Tanya Brown

Pyro Pilot that inflicts continuous damage and burns the enemy to its destruction with increased ATK skill.

Cherny strelka • Attack

Tatiana Kozhedub

Pilot of PMC Black Mirror gunship, known to be a genius pilot and mechanic compared to none.

Neo-Nyang Machine MK-13 • Defense

The Phantom of the Opera

A girl suffering from anthropophobia who helps Dr. Moreau so that we can make many friends.

Blaze • Attack

Velen Pataky

Blaze's Pilot, equipped with 4 weaponized drones.

Watcher • Attack


Pilot of Watcher unit created specifically to break through the enemy's powerful defense line.

Ice Bear • Defense

Yuliya Lim

Pilot known as 'Ice Shield' among foes, Ice Bear.

Atlas MK-2 • Attack

[EVIL] Emily

Pilot of Atlas MK-2 which fires laser to destroy enemies

Rocket Raccoon MK-2 • Attack

[EVIL] Jenny

Pilot of Rocket Racoon MK-2 that quickly makes moves to destroy enemies.

Q Wing • Attack


Pilot of Q Wing that sweeps through battlefield.

Wild Rose MK-2 • Support

[EVIL] Rose

Pilot of Wild Rose MK-2 which cures and protects allies

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