Pitch Island

0-1: Protect Kailoa


Empire Recon Battalion appeared on the protected civilian sector on Pitch Island. Pitch Island was reclaimed from the Empire and was not under the influence of Empire army. You must destroy the Empire Recon Battalion and guard the island!

100%Training Ticket55.000.8333

0-2: Kewoo Forest Ambush


Empire Recon Battalion has advanced to the center of the island. It seems like the Recon Battalion has lost communication with its command Headquarters. Eliminate them without alerting the enemies about the existence of The Goddess Kiss!

100%Unit Core55.000.8333
100%Normal Attack Unit Blueprint22.000.3333
100%Normal Defense Unit Blueprint22.000.3333
100%Normal Support Unit Blueprint22.000.3333

0-3: Mawoonaki Annihilation


Empire Recon Battalion and an enemy unit with high Obedience level were detected on the northern sector of Pitch Island. High Obedience level can mean enemy commander so be extra careful when you engage the battle. Eliminate the Empire Recon Battalion and protect the island from the enemies.

100%Training Ticket55.000.4167
100%Medal: Emily Windsor22.000.1667
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