Maria Regaskos

Goliath pilot with strong DEF. She charges into enemy line and destroys enemy units.

Goliath (Defense)

This unit is modified from industrial unit. It has outstanding defense as well as attack capabilities.


Attack:JS Required
Defense:JS Required
Health:JS Required
Accuracy:JS Required
Luck:JS Required
Critical Rate:30%
Critical Damage:130%
Stats do not include Affection, Costume, Oopart or Federation bonuses.



  • Bombards a single enemy.
  • Effect: 100% of basic attack damage.
  • +JS Required bonus damage.
  • SP Cost: 4000


  • Overloads and Attacks single enemy.
  • Effect: 400% ATK Damage.
  • +JS Required Bonus Damage.
  • SP Cost: 6000

Nano Repair

  • Self-Heals when HP is below 30%.
  • Effect: Self-Heals 150% ATK Damage.
  • +JS Required Heal Bonus.

Iron Clad Personnel Carrier

  • Increase own DEF when the battle begins.
  • Effect: DEF is increased for 3 turns
  • +JS Required% DEF bonus.


ProfileInfoStat BonusCost
DOB:Dec. 24DEF+53000
Blood Type:AMOB+86000
Height/Weight:154cm / 42kgDEF+3512000
Figure Size:33-24-32ACCUR+30018000
Likes:Books about alien and foodMOB+1030000
Dislikes:Germs, dirty thingsCRIT DMG+20%50000
My Secret:That she sleep-walksMOB+1280000
Ideal TypePerson with an inquiring mindDEF+60120000
Favorite FoodCoffeeMOB+12160000
Future plansSpace ExplorerLUCK+200200000
Personal TreasureAlien item collectionsDEF+200250000



  • Default

Teatime in Class

  • Teatime must be kept at all times!
    by Maria Regaskos
  • 30 Defense
  • 15% Critical Rate

CosMos. Maria

  • CosMos Girls costume inspired by cosmic energy; impressive for its display of Andromedan freewheelingness (Maria)
  • 130 Attack
  • 100 Defense
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