Cecile Renier

Hawk Eye Pilot that uses various arrow shooting skills with two crossbows.

Hawk Eye (Attack)

It's an attack unit designed to shoot special arrows.


This chart tracks the overall pilot ranking in the Meta Report over time.


Attack:JS Required
Defense:JS Required
Health:JS Required
Accuracy:JS Required
Luck:JS Required
Critical Rate:30%
Critical Damage:130%
Stats do not include Affection, Costume, Oopart or Federation bonuses.


High Explosive Arrow

  • Attacks single enemy with Arrows.
  • Effect: 100% ATK Damage.
  • +JS Required Bonus Damage.

Ambush of Dragon

  • Attacks target and enemies behind with Dragon Arrow.
  • Effect: 270% ATK Damage.
  • 30% Chance to Stun Target (2 Turns)
  • +JS Required Bonus Damage.
  • SP Cost: 6000

Piercing Arrow

  • Shoots Arrow through target and enemies behind.
  • Effect: 190% ATK Damage.
  • +JS Required Bonus Damage.
  • SP Cost: 4000

Wide Vision

  • Increase own ACCUR when battle begins.
  • Effect: ACCUR is increased. (3 Turns)
  • +JS Required% ACCUR Bonus.


ProfileInfoStat BonusCost
DOB:Jun. 6ATK+403000
Blood Type:AMOB+86000
Height/Weight:166cm / 48kgATK+30012000
Figure Size:36-22-32ACCUR+30018000
Likes:Sleeping, archeryMOB+1030000
Dislikes:Cloudy dayCRIT DMG+20%50000
My Secret:Likes the nickname HanzoMOB+1280000
Ideal TypePerson who has a similar hobbyATK+500120000
Favorite FoodWafflesMOB+12160000
Future plansArchery Olympic SportsmanLUCK+200200000
Personal TreasureFirst Bow gift from her parentsATK+1000250000



  • Default

Sexy Bomb

  • This is what you call sexy!
    by Cecile Reiner
  • 175 Attack
  • 80 Luck
  • 10% Critical Rate

Cute Demon

  • Do you want to visit the Demon's Palace with me?
    Cecile Renier
  • 260 Attack
  • 10% Critical Rate

Love Cupid

  • Ready or not, here I come!
    by Cecile Renier
  • 260 Attack
  • 10% Critical Rate
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