Bennett Ross

Pilot of Crimson Taurus, a heavy defense unit known for it's gigantic size.

Crimson Taurus (Defense)

Empire's gigantic unit, that demolishes enemies with its enormous size and heavy fire power


Attack:JS Required
Defense:JS Required
Health:JS Required
Accuracy:JS Required
Luck:JS Required
Critical Rate:30%
Critical Damage:130%
Stats do not include Affection, Costume, Oopart or Federation bonuses.


Violent Shot

  • Attacks Single Enemy with Shot Gun.
  • Effect: 100% ATK Damage
  • Lower target ATK by 10% (1 Turns)
  • +JS Required Bonus Damage

Rampage Rush

  • Extends Blade to attack target and enemies behind.
  • Effect: 300% ATK Damage
  • 100% Chance to Stun Enemy (1 Turns)
  • +JS Required Bonus Damage
  • SP Cost: 8000

Counter Bomb

  • Attacks target and enemies to both left and right with Bombs when being attacked.
  • Effect: 250% ATK Damage
  • +JS Required Bonus Damage
  • SP Cost: 6000

Iron Will

  • Increase own ATK and DEF when HP is below 50%.
  • Effect: Increase own ATK +30% until battle ends
  • Increase own DEF until battle ends
  • +JS Required% Bonus DEF


ProfileInfoStat BonusCost
DOB:Nov. 9DEF+53000
Blood Type:BMOB+86000
Height/Weight:149cm / 43kgDEF+3512000
Figure Size:28-20-29ACCUR+30018000
Likes:Weapon Maintenance, Smell of GunpowderMOB+1030000
Dislikes:Dirty weaponsCRIT DMG+20%50000
My Secret:That she crawls into someone else's bed before she realizes it herselfMOB+1280000
Ideal TypeA Trustful and kind man like her fatherDEF+60120000
Favorite FoodPound CakeMOB+12160000
Future plansTo be a soldier like her fatherLUCK+200200000
Personal TreasurePistol her father gave to herDEF+200250000



  • Default

Pink. Bennett

  • Q-Pink costume designed to match each girl's personal taste, especially highlighting cuteness (Bennett)
  • 260 Attack
  • 10% Critical Rate
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