Kate Scott

Pilot of the Destroyer, a unit which uses strong plasma cannons.

Destroyer (Attack)

Unit that uses Plasma Cannons to demolish enemy units.


This chart tracks the overall pilot ranking in the Meta Report over time.


Attack:JS Required
Defense:JS Required
Health:JS Required
Accuracy:JS Required
Luck:JS Required
Critical Rate:30%
Critical Damage:130%
Stats do not include Affection, Costume, Oopart or Federation bonuses.


Triple Shot

  • Attacks single enemy.
  • Effect: 100% ATK Damage.
  • +JS Required Bonus Damage.

Plasma Buster

  • Attacks single enemy with Concentrated Laser.
  • Effect: 400% ATK Damage.
  • Disables abilty to use skills by 50% (2 Turns)
  • +JS Required Bonus Damage.
  • SP Cost: 7000

Sting-Ray Missile

  • Attacks target and enemies to both left and right with Back Weapon.
  • Effect: 400% of ATK Damage.
  • +JS Required Bonus Damage.
  • SP Cost: 6000

Plasma Charge

  • Increase own Skill Gauge when battle begins.
  • Effect: Skill Gauge is increased.
  • +JS Required Skill Gauge


ProfileInfoStat BonusCost
DOB:Jun. 30ATK+403000
Blood Type:OMOB+86000
Height/Weight:163cm / 46kgATK+30012000
Figure Size:35-22-34ACCUR+30018000
Likes:Listening to musicMOB+1030000
Dislikes:Anything inefficient.CRIT DMG+20%50000
My Secret:That she was once an only survivor of a past battle.MOB+1280000
Ideal TypeSomeone who looks really ordinaryATK+500120000
Favorite FoodPuddingMOB+12160000
Future plansAverage Company ManLUCK+200200000
Personal TreasureID tags of her lost comrades.ATK+1000250000



  • Default

Jump Rope Genius Kate

  • Jump Rope? I can handle that all night long.
  • 210 Attack
  • 132 Accuracy
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