Jiang Lun mei

Overall Pilot specialized in supporting ally units with ally HP recovery and other support skills.

Overhaul (Support)

This unit is designed and manufactured by Jiang Lun mei. It is favored by many for its easy maintenance.


Attack:JS Required
Defense:JS Required
Health:JS Required
Accuracy:JS Required
Luck:JS Required
Critical Rate:30%
Critical Damage:130%
Stats do not include Affection, Costume, Oopart or Federation bonuses.


Lightening Shock

  • Attacks single enemy with Plasma Rifle.
  • Effect: 100% ATK Damage.
  • +JS Required Bonus Damage.

Unit Repair

  • Repairs All Ally Units.
  • Effect: Heals 120% ATK Damage.
  • +JS Required Heal Bonus.
  • SP Cost: 6000

Skill Recharge

  • Recovers All Ally Unit's Skill Gauge when HP is below 30%.
  • Effect: Skill Gauge is Increased.
  • +JS Required Skill Gauge Increased.

Coating Armor

  • Increase All Ally Unit's DEF when battle begins.
  • Effect: DEF is increased. (3 Turns)
  • +JS Required% DEF Bonus.


ProfileInfoStat BonusCost
DOB:Oct. 24DEF+53000
Blood Type:OMOB+86000
Height/Weight:162cm / 48kgATK+21012000
Figure Size:35-24-34ACCUR+30018000
Likes:Clean & TidyMOB+1030000
Dislikes:People who are careless with their items.CRIT DMG+20%50000
My Secret:Is mysophobic, but sometimes her room is messyMOB+1280000
Ideal TypePerson who is always neat and tidyLUCK+200120000
Favorite FoodTan Tan NoodleMOB+12160000
Future plansTo manage her father's engineering shopLUCK+200200000
Personal TreasureTool set from her FatherATK+1000250000



  • Default

Marine Star

  • Star for you at the sandy beach
    by Jiang Lun mei
  • 260 Attack
  • 60 Defense

Sexy Ghost

  • Don't you ever run away from me again!
    Jiang Lun mei
  • 260 Attack
  • 25 Defense
  • 80 Luck
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