Normal Treasures

Reward TypeRewardWeightDrop Rate
Medals x1Jung E-young830.85%
Medals x1Hanazawa Lena830.85%
Medals x1Emily Windsor830.85%
Supplies x5Mid Grade Training Ticket120012.31%
Supplies x1High Grade Training Ticket180018.46%
Supplies x3Mid Grade Training Ticket300030.77%
Supplies x10Training Ticket350035.90%

Premium Treasures

Reward TypeRewardWeightDrop Rate
CharacterLily Fischer200.07%
CharacterShin Eugene200.07%
CharacterChloe Spinel200.07%
CharacterMaria Regaskos200.07%
CharacterEnomoto Tsubasa200.07%
CharacterVelen Pataky200.07%
CharacterBennett Ross200.07%
CharacterJiang Lun mei200.07%
CharacterHanna Fischer200.07%
CharacterIrene Bell200.07%
CharacterKellan Brown200.07%
CharacterNicole Martin200.07%
CharacterMonica Loren200.07%
CharacterBetty Abigail200.07%
CharacterRyu Bingbing200.07%
CharacterPetra Strycova200.07%
CharacterBibi Olin200.07%
CharacterLiu Xiao Yi200.07%
CharacterNatalie Myskina200.07%
CharacterLinda Hudson200.07%
CharacterSerena Cooper200.07%
CharacterChiaki Rijn200.07%
CharacterRenee Arc200.07%
CharacterClaire Frost200.07%
CharacterMiya Ivanovna200.07%
Medals x2Lily Fischer7002.38%
Medals x2Shin Eugene7002.38%
Medals x2Chloe Spinel7002.38%
Medals x2Maria Regaskos7002.38%
Medals x2Enomoto Tsubasa7002.38%
Medals x2Iris7002.38%
Medals x2Velen Pataky7002.38%
Medals x2Bennett Ross7002.38%
Medals x2Jiang Lun mei7002.38%
Medals x2Jean7002.38%
Medals x2Hanna Fischer7002.38%
Medals x2Irene Bell7002.38%
Medals x2Kellan Brown7002.38%
Medals x2Nicole Martin7002.38%
Medals x2Monica Loren7002.38%
Medals x2Betty Abigail7002.38%
Medals x2Ryu Bingbing7002.38%
Medals x2Petra Strycova7002.38%
Medals x2Bibi Olin7002.38%
Medals x2Liu Xiao Yi7002.38%
Medals x2Natalie Myskina7002.38%
Medals x2Linda Hudson7002.38%
Medals x2Serena Cooper7002.38%
Medals x2Chiaki Rijn7002.38%
Medals x2Renee Arc7002.38%
Medals x2Claire Frost7002.38%
Medals x2Sylvia7002.38%
Medals x2Miya Ivanovna7002.38%
Medals x4Lily Fischer2000.68%
Medals x4Shin Eugene2000.68%
Medals x4Chloe Spinel2000.68%
Medals x4Maria Regaskos2000.68%
Medals x4Enomoto Tsubasa2000.68%
Medals x4Iris2000.68%
Medals x4Velen Pataky2000.68%
Medals x4Bennett Ross2000.68%
Medals x4Jiang Lun mei2000.68%
Medals x4Jean2000.68%
Medals x4Hanna Fischer2000.68%
Medals x4Irene Bell2000.68%
Medals x4Kellan Brown2000.68%
Medals x4Nicole Martin2000.68%
Medals x4Monica Loren2000.68%
Medals x4Betty Abigail2000.68%
Medals x4Ryu Bingbing2000.68%
Medals x4Petra Strycova2000.68%
Medals x4Bibi Olin2000.68%
Medals x4Liu Xiao Yi2000.68%
Medals x4Natalie Myskina2000.68%
Medals x4Linda Hudson2000.68%
Medals x4Serena Cooper2000.68%
Medals x4Chiaki Rijn2000.68%
Medals x4Renee Arc2000.68%
Medals x4Claire Frost2000.68%
Medals x4Sylvia2000.68%
Medals x4Miya Ivanovna2000.68%
Medals x6Lily Fischer500.17%
Medals x6Shin Eugene500.17%
Medals x6Chloe Spinel500.17%
Medals x6Maria Regaskos500.17%
Medals x6Enomoto Tsubasa500.17%
Medals x6Iris500.17%
Medals x6Velen Pataky500.17%
Medals x6Bennett Ross500.17%
Medals x6Jiang Lun mei500.17%
Medals x6Jean500.17%
Medals x6Hanna Fischer500.17%
Medals x6Irene Bell500.17%
Medals x6Kellan Brown500.17%
Medals x6Nicole Martin500.17%
Medals x6Monica Loren500.17%
Medals x6Betty Abigail500.17%
Medals x6Ryu Bingbing500.17%
Medals x6Petra Strycova500.17%
Medals x6Bibi Olin500.17%
Medals x6Liu Xiao Yi500.17%
Medals x6Natalie Myskina500.17%
Medals x6Linda Hudson500.17%
Medals x6Serena Cooper500.17%
Medals x6Chiaki Rijn500.17%
Medals x6Renee Arc500.17%
Medals x6Claire Frost500.17%
Medals x6Sylvia500.17%
Medals x6Miya Ivanovna500.17%
CostumeGirl of the Blue Sea1000.34%
CostumePink Lady1000.34%
CostumeCutie Bikini1000.34%
CostumeOne Summer Night1000.34%
CostumeRed Tango1000.34%
CostumeSchool on the Beach1000.34%
CostumeSexy Bikini1000.34%
CostumeGuardian of the Sea1000.34%
CostumeBlue Pearl Bikini1000.34%
CostumeSexy Bomb1000.34%
CostumeFairy of the Waves1000.34%
CostumePearls of the Ocean1000.34%
CostumePhotographer of Love1000.34%
CostumeMarine Star1000.34%
CostumeEmerald Shine Bikini1000.34%
CostumeWater fruits1000.34%
CostumeBlack Tourmaline1000.34%
CostumeBlue Carat1000.34%
CostumeOcean Color Scene1000.34%
CostumeCool Peach Plum1000.34%

Honor Treasures

Reward TypeRewardWeightDrop Rate
CharacterLily Fischer203.57%
CharacterShin Eugene203.57%
CharacterChloe Spinel203.57%
CharacterMaria Regaskos203.57%
CharacterEnomoto Tsubasa203.57%
CharacterVelen Pataky203.57%
CharacterBennett Ross203.57%
CharacterJiang Lun mei203.57%
CharacterHanna Fischer203.57%
CharacterIrene Bell203.57%
CharacterKellan Brown203.57%
CharacterNicole Martin203.57%
CharacterMonica Loren203.57%
CharacterBetty Abigail203.57%
CharacterRyu Bingbing203.57%
CharacterPetra Strycova203.57%
CharacterBibi Olin203.57%
CharacterLiu Xiao Yi203.57%
CharacterNatalie Myskina203.57%
CharacterLinda Hudson203.57%
CharacterSerena Cooper203.57%
CharacterChiaki Rijn203.57%
CharacterRenee Arc203.57%
CharacterClaire Frost203.57%
CharacterMiya Ivanovna203.57%

Honor Treasures (Attack)

Reward TypeRewardWeightDrop Rate
CharacterLily Fischer206.67%
CharacterEnomoto Tsubasa206.67%
CharacterVelen Pataky206.67%
CharacterHanna Fischer206.67%
CharacterKellan Brown206.67%
CharacterMonica Loren206.67%
CharacterRyu Bingbing206.67%
CharacterPetra Strycova206.67%
CharacterLiu Xiao Yi206.67%
CharacterNatalie Myskina206.67%
CharacterRenee Arc206.67%
CharacterClaire Frost206.67%
CharacterMiya Ivanovna206.67%

Honor Treasures (Defense)

Reward TypeRewardWeightDrop Rate
CharacterShin Eugene2011.11%
CharacterChloe Spinel2011.11%
CharacterMaria Regaskos2011.11%
CharacterBennett Ross2011.11%
CharacterIrene Bell2011.11%
CharacterBetty Abigail2011.11%
CharacterBibi Olin2011.11%
CharacterChiaki Rijn2011.11%

Honor Treasures (Support)

Reward TypeRewardWeightDrop Rate
CharacterJiang Lun mei2025.00%
CharacterNicole Martin2025.00%
CharacterLinda Hudson2025.00%
CharacterSerena Cooper2025.00%
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